Kitchen Aid Kit Pro a Novel App to Make You an Expert Chef

[MobilePRwire] – Kitchen Aid Kit Pro is an exclusive iPad app and requires iOS 4 and above. Add a camera with the existing kitchen aids along with a weight and height measuring scales and this wonderful app is what you get. Such novelty that increases your standard of life and simplifies processes is hard to come by. So gear up to install Kitchen Aid Kit Pro and get a life!

With our app make cooking quick and fun! Use your iPad to weigh things (not kidding!), count calories and store products. Kitchen Aid Kit Pro is first app ever that changes your idea of what your iPad is capable of.

Must have for a modern kitchen, recommended for everyone!

With Kitchen Aid Kit you can:

• Use our beaker for more than 30 kinds of products. Just spill milk on our iPad… kidding 🙂 Attach your glass to a screen and set virtual
beaker’s size. Now it’ll weigh your milk and count its calories (not Kidding)!

• Choose system of measurement. With Kitchen Aid Kit you can use both imperial and metric units and convert them quickly.

• Forget about burning cooker. Leave it to Kitchen Aid Kit. 6 timers for burners and oven (each timer has its unique beep and can be named!) will
remind you of every pot and pan… in its time.

• Use the manual hidden in a shape of the vintage fridge. Tips on food storage are of your service.

• Get your child interested in cooking. You are never going to hear “it’s boring” again!

Hitlab was founded in 2000. The primary activity of our company till recently has been licensing, production and distribution of audio products, video products, multimedia and prints: from music and videogames to magazines and DVD. For more than 10 years we’ve been raising the business, growing professionally, increasing the number of business associates, of clients and branches.
We’ve got many achievements under our belt, but what we value most are our estimated friends’ reviews.
In 2009, following main world tendencies of entertainment and media market, the company focused on the distribution of the digital content. A little later our-own full cycled department of application development for mobile devices was created.
Up to 2011 we were in one way or another involved into development of more than 10 side projects for various platforms (Blackberry, Android, Brew MP) and in early 2012 we have started development of our-own applications for iOS devices.
At the moment the work over the first two applications for iPad and iPhone is done, pre-sales is started and we look forward with confidence and work at new projects.

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