Magic Park: Unblock the Pixels – Retro-Looking Unblock Game

[MobilePRwire] – “Magic Park: Unblock the Pixels”, the first game released from Natakid Games, is available on Google Play for free! Remember the very first games you play in the ’90s? The nostalgia of good old days is now brought back to life in this retro smarty game! “Magic Park: Unblock the Pixels” is a perfect combination of the classic unblock puzzle game and the imaginative old-schooled pixel art graphics. It looks delightful while maintaining its addictiveness and brain exercise entertainment.

“Magic Park: Unblock the Pixels” is created by developers who love and are experts in developing puzzle games. With their expertise, creativity, and artistry, this game has 8,100 puzzles in 3 difficulty levels and very hip visual graphics.

Just like unblock game rules, this game is designed to be outstanding. To be extraordinary. To go out of the box. “Magic Park: Unblock the Pixels” is thoughtfully and creatively designed by nostalgic inspiration. It has handsome retro pixel art graphics in various fun themes you never see in other unblock games. The graphics and music aim to keep you engaged to the game and never get bored of it. Not only it looks awesome and keeps you interested, but also it is more challenging. Why? Because you must solve the puzzles in 3D perspective! This makes you work harder and your brain become more active, which is definitely a good brain exercise! Plus, it comes with daily reward. So you can get your brain exercised and receive your reward every single day by playing “Magic Park: Unblock the Pixels”.

“Magic Park: Unblock the Pixels” at a Glance
– Simple and challenging gameplay: Just sliding the obstacles, horizontally or vertically, to clear the path and get a goal block out of the board.
– Beautiful visual arts and music: Pixel art graphics and mellow background music put you in a deep and pleasant gaming experience.
– Wide range of amusing themes – from a lagoon, a cave, a jungle to a scientist lab!
– 3 difficult levels – from Beginner to Advanced suitable for everyone – even a kid
– 8,100 puzzles in total – worth hours and hours of entertainment – and for free!
– 4 different Leaderboards – to see where you rank among friends
– 21 fun achievements – you want to score them all!
– Daily reward — play it every day for brain workout and cool rewards
– Hint system guiding you through the puzzle

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