Math Heroes vs Dragons aims to turn children into champions

With school starting in just a few weeks Math Heroes vs Dragons provides an entertaining way for students to get back in mental shape.

12 Fingers Studio has just released a major update to it’s new educational iPad game, Math Heroes vs. Dragons. The game places students in the role of a hero tasked with battling the dragons who have invaded their beloved grandparents home. Through a robust reward system and a series of mini-games players sharpen their math skills while earning coins for usable items and power-ups.

Math Heroes is rated for ages 10 and up and the 4 levels of difficulty per game make it challenging for students of all ages and adults too. Boss Battles are unlocked after the player scores a “perfect” in all of the mini-games for a particular difficulty. In between the mini-games players are invited to view their dragon collection, check out their awards, and purchase power-ups and items with the coins they’ve earned. Math Heroes vs Dragons has plenty of content making the game easy to explore but difficult to master.

Darius Portilla, lead developer and owner at 12 Fingers Studio said “Our goal was to create a fun learning environment that extends past the basic question and answer routine. To do this, we’ve included Awards, Achievements, Printable Certificates, Boss Battles, Wallpapers, Collectibles and lots of other fun things. This game is sure to have little heroes learning every chance they get. We really wanted to step out of the mold and provide an immersive and detail rich experience. I’m feel we’ve done that.”

Math Heroes vs Dragons is COPPA compliant and does not share or record any personally identifiable user information. In addition there are no in-app purchases.

The game is available for iPad now in the iTunes store for a special Launch week price of $1.99. Regular price is $3.99.

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