Math Mathews: Innovative Serious Game for Android Released!

[MobilePRwire] – Kiupe introduces Math Mathews 1.1 for Android tablets. Math Mathews is a serious game designed for children to practice multiplication tables in a fun environment. Created by speech therapists and game experts, it includes 3 mini-games based on 3 different methods. With game mechanics, such as collecting coins and rewards, accomplishing tasks and escaping from enemies, the app provides a learning perspective that improves user engagement as well as monitoring tools for parents to track progress.

Kiupe announces the release of Math Mathews 1.1 – The search for the necklace of Sylla, a serious game made to allow children and adults to practice multiplication tables in a fun environment. Math Mathews is now available for Android tablets.

In a playful and quality environment, Math Mathews help children revise their times tables. Math Mathews uses game mechanics (collecting coins and rewards, accomplishing tasks, escaping from enemies) in a learning perspective (practicing time tables), which improves user engagement and learning.

Feature Highlights:
* 3 mini-games created with speech therapists, based on three different methods to practice math. Each game includes a learning stage and a arcade stage
* A pirates-style immersive game and an engaging story
* Monitoring tools for parents to track progress
* A training section where players can revise their time tables in a classical way
* Up to 7 different players accounts can be created
* A treasure room where players can collect their booties and badges
* A safe environment: no adds, no in-app purchases, no web… Only the game!

Language Support:
English, French

Pricing and Availability:
Math Mathews 1.1 is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide.

We are the proud producers and publishers of… Video games.
What ? Video games ? Why ?
We have great memories of our childhood playing video games and we think that video game can bring the same emotions, the same power in story telling as many other media, but in an interactive way.
In Kiupe, our ambition is to provide engaging experiences with games that include a narrative storyline, lots of learning and captivating interactivity.We create top-quality and original games and we hope that as parents, you will be happy to share these moments by playing video games with your kids.
This is why you will never find any ads or in-app purchases in our kids apps, according to our charter.
We wish your kids have fun playing our games, discover or learn new things, dive into great universes… And share these moments with you !

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