Memory training gamified with Memo Cars (Free Android Game)

[MobilePRwire] – playground today is thrilled to announce the release and immediate availability of Memo Cars (HD), a free Android game for kids, parents, grandparents. Thanks to included Leaderboards, all players compete for best result on various difficulty boards. With that gamification element its easier to make a short game play part of daily routine and continuously improve brain skills or sustain them at their peak.

People are competitive, hence being able to compete with others and measure your results vs others is what keeps players motivated to improve their results. Some are playing a lot, so top ranking is full of experts that are really hard to beat.

Cute Cars images, various board sizes from an easy 3×6 one for kids to a complex 9×18 one – everyone will find a level to compete at. And its not only kids who will find it entertaining – can be played together with your kid or with an elderly relative as both young and old ones require some brain puzzles from time to time. You can compete with your friends and family – or the whole globe.

Game Features:
* Match pairs of cards – also known as pairs game
* Different levels of difficulty (from 3×6 up to 14×7 boards)
* Colorful images of various cars, trucks and motorcycles.
* Easy but Challenging Game Puzzle Game for you and your kids
* Not only for kids – keep your and your parents brain trained by playing a game from time to time

playground is a one man mobile development studio based in Warsaw, Poland.

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