Middle School Math Game Now a Two Player Game with Bluetooth

[MobilePRwire] – Updated to include a Bluetooth two-player game mode, 5 Dice: Order of Operations Game is available for iPhone/iTouch/iPad and lets two people in the same room play together. Designed for upper elementary and middle school students this new feature makes it easier to play the game in a classroom setting, so students can work together to solve problems and teachers can track their progress.

MathFileFolderGames.com… is pleased to announce the latest development in its fun, innovative math teaching games. The 5 Dice Order of Operations Game app that helps students improve higher order thinking skills has released a new feature. The hands-on game will now offer Bluetooth capabilities which will allow two players to compete against each other in the same room on separate devices. The new feature will help parents, teachers, and students play against each other using the iPhone, iPad or iTouch.

The app was originally released as a one player game that allowed students to improve their ability to solve problems using order of operations correctly. The app is typically downloaded to one device and if more than one person wants to play, they have to do so on that one device. Teachers have been using the app on smartboards in classrooms to allow for both practice and competition within an entire classroom while only needing one device with the app. Now, this new feature will allow students to connect and play competitively with each other on two devices.

5 Dice Order of Operations has gained popularity with teachers due to the ability to get customized student reports as well as printable practice sheets. Another feature that many schools like is that the app does not connect to social media, collect personal data, or display ads. Although the app has received wonderful reviews from teachers, parents and students, prior to this latest update, students could only work together on one device by physically sharing the device or using it through a SmartBoard. The Bluetooth two player mode will now allow two players to play on two separate devices simultaneously together.

Through the technology of Bluetooth, 5 Dice Order of Operations app will help keep students motivated through competition. Students can continue to do independent practice and then have weekly competitions with classmates. Teachers can also pair struggling students with advanced students to work together to solve problems and still compete against other evenly matched teams.

Parents can even get more involved now with what their child is doing at school. A parent can use the app on the iPhone while the student accesses it on their iTouch and through the Bluetooth connection, both parent and student can compete against each other at home in their living room.

The Bluetooth two player mode is also a great addition to the app because it will allow students to not only play together on two different devices in the classroom but also in cars, on bus rides, and at home. Although the app always helped promote learning outside of the classroom, the Bluetooth feature will likely prevent students from getting bored since they can now find someone to play the game with.

Bluetooth two-player game mode is available, the game is available for free at the App Store.

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