Mobivention Presents Diamond Crusher Totally New Design

[MobilePRwire] – The puzzle game Diamond Crusher comes in a new design, with new sounds, animations and game modes into all important Android App Stores. The app is available as an ad-supported free version and as a premium version with additional features for Android phones and tablets.

The principle of the game is simple and entertaining: at least two adjacent gems must be found and crushed. The more gems are crushed in one move the more points the player gets. Bonus and malus gems add some more excitement into the game. With the game modes Shifter, Gravity and Blob more variety is guaranteed. The popular classic mode is newly integrated and is based on the same concept as other match-3 games. In order to crush gems, a group of three adjacent gems must be united by swapping gems. Other bonus gems bring additional points when crushed cleverly.

The successful app received a newly designed layout to ensure an intensive game play for its players. Several new achievements must be fulfilled to receive badges and diamonds. Those diamonds can be used to receive higher points in levels. New sound effects and animations round off the concept.

Diamond Crusher is now available in the Play Store as a free version or as a premium version for 1.99 $. Diamond Crusher will also be available for iPhone, iPod and iPad in Apple’s AppStore soon.

About mobivention
mobivention is an international leading provider of apps and personalisation products for smart phones and tablets. The company, founded in 2003, is highly regarded to be an innovation leader in the market. Its product offering includes the conception, production and marketing of apps and personalisation products. More than 100 app stores, mobile network operators, brand manufacturers and ad agencies belong to its circle of customers.
The company employs 30 staff members and has a longstanding wealth of experience in the development of mobile content and realisation of customer projects. This unique expertise is the basis for a successful cooperation with namable and well-known customers of various lines of business. Further information can be found on

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