‘Moments of Gratitude’ Journal Added With Sharing Functions

[MobilePRwire] – The Midnight Troop team is releasing a new version of the ‘Moments of Gratitude’ Journal that implements the Facebook and E-mail sharing functions, to fulfil the users’ repeated requests.

The ‘Moments of Gratitude’, an Android gratitude journal application (“app”) published by Midnight Troop, will soon see its 2.0 release in mid-February. The new version offers its users the chance to take the experience of maintaining their gratitude journals to the next level, by enabling them to post their journal entries to their Facebook walls, and share their “moments of gratitude” with the social medium.

The new Facebook sharing feature is being implemented to fulfill the repeated requests for it from the fan base of the app. The users do not only want to use the journal app to record the positive things they appreciate in lives, but also a way to share their joyous, love-filled and grateful moments with people in their circles.

Facebook makes a good fit as a medium for sharing the diary-like gratitude journal, because of its “Timeline” presentation. It is convenient to publish the journal entries for the users’ clique’s viewing, because most people who are connected to the Internet nowadays would have their friends in their Facebook. With Facebook’s Privacy Settings, the users can even manage the privacy of their gratitude journal sharing.

In addition to the Facebook Sharing function, the E-mail Sharing function is also to be introduced in the version 2.0 of the app. This serves as an alternative method to distribute the journal contents. Moreover, the users can e-mail their journal entries to their own mailboxes, as a way to backup the journal.

“The sharing functions are but one addition to the ‘Moments of Gratitude’ Journal. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve it, to make the app more and more loveable,” says the Midnight Troop team.

The ‘Moments of Gratitude’ Journal is the first full-featured gratitude journal application on Android. This application encourages the users to reflect on the good things in their lives, and cultivate gratitude towards them. This simple practice fills the users’ minds with positive energy, and by the Law of Attraction of “like attracts like”, the users can expect to attract more positive things to them.

The version 2.0 that implements the sharing functions will be released in mid-February. The readers are encouraged to sign up for updates about the app at the link below:

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