Never Miss Anything From Your Agenda With This Handy Widget

[MobilePRwire] – Forget about short “beep” reminders of default calendar. With this simple widget you will never miss anything from your agenda. See all your agenda on desktop and set “real” reminder on any event with 1 simple click. Works with facebook calendar, google calendar, exchange (company) calendar, etc. It’s even better – if you’re tired of all super-complex agenda/calendar applications with many functions which you don’t really need, than this handy, user friendly widget is right for you!

This agenda widget implemented “most-wanted” user suggestions and still became simple and easy to use:

* shows all your agenda right on your desktop
* allows you to set REAL alarm (reminder) on any event
* allows you to switch between all your calendars in 1 click
* allows you to add or edit event in 1 click – has shorcuts to calendar
* supports google calendar(s)
* supports facebook calendar(s)
* supports exchange (company) calendar(s)
* handy, very easy to user but still very practical

MIL Development – android development company. Based in 2013 with resolution to make android apps a little bit different – make them as simple as possible but containing most functions needed for everyday use. Simplicity and usability are our main keys.

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