New Android Website with Exclusive Free Games And Apps

New Android website that is developer friendly and consumer friendly to browse. The Focus of this new website is two-fold, one is to give developers a new portal to promote thier games and apps. The second is to make browsing through the website seamless for users and not cluttered and unfocused like much older websites have become. Also a developer can direct link to his or her apps without having the app on googleplay.

New Android website promises to deliver a user friendly interface and support developers who want to promote thier free android games and apps. Users are given an easy layout to navigate, no need to scroll or get confused. The website is laid out with a free android games section, a free android apps section,exclusive apps section,developers section,and press release section.

There are alot of android websites but very few are developer friendly. Most websites have the games and apps release section hidden away from the users. Developers post in these sections away from the main pages and get very little feedback or views. On Androidfreegamesapps developers get to post in the main section of the website. Also if a developer has an exclusive game or app not present on googleplay, they can post it in the exclusive games and apps section with a direct link.

In the exclusive free games and apps section you have various apps not found anywhere else. Free Exclusive free Apps like Super Mario Bros Wii U Guide and Wallpapers.Looking for news on the up comming Grand Theft Auto V Game? We have a Grand Theft Auto V App that gives you the latest video feeds on trailers,GTA V HD Wallpapers,and GTA V Facebook page all in one app. Fan of latest hit TV show Teen Wolf? We have a Teen Wolf TV show and Wallpaper app for that! We have exclusives by developers with free games and apps you won’t find on googleplay.

What was the motivation behind the website? The motivation was giving developers a website that cares about them and helping them gain exposure.Letting developers post their games on the main forum rather than behind the scenes. As an added bonus we tweet new releases to our twitter fans when developers post thier games or apps on our site. What about the users? We made the website very easy to navigate plus give feedback directly to developers. We made registering easy plus we gave users the option to post as guests without registering. This allows everyone a chance to voice their opinions and get heard.

Come join us on a new type of Android website, one which is focused and cares about developers and users.

PixelPowerAndroid building a new solution for developers to gain exposure in the crowded android marketplace.

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