New App Helps Protect Sleep from Unwanted Nighttime Calls

[MobilePRwire] – Mobile users struggling with incessant nighttime phone calls are about to sleep a little more soundly with the launch of the new Nights Keeper app for the Android.

Nights Keeper allows users to block calls during certain periods of time.

The app, launched by independent developer Nikita Kadrov, gives users the ability to block unwanted calls during certain time periods, including when they just need to get some sleep. However, the app also provides a “white list” of numbers to accept at all hours in cases of emergency or if users do not want to miss calls from certain friends or loved ones.

“Many people deal with the issue of getting phone calls very late at night, which impacts their normal sleep patterns,” said Kadrov. “Before now, there was no good way to block these calls without preventing important calls from getting through to you, as well. I am very pleased to launch the Nights Keeper app, giving users the ability to—once and for all—get a good night’s sleep.”

Nights Keeper allows users to set up multiple profiles with different times and settings, which means they do not need to reset the app’s settings based on the needs of a particular night. The app comes with a wide range of easy-to-use features, including SMS notifications to blocked callers and a power save mode that turns off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and auto sync settings. Its clean and simple interface also gives users the ability to change their settings quickly and easily.

Additional features of the Nights Keeper app include a specialized nighttime ringtone, an adjusted screen brightness level, two application themes and zero power consumption when the app is not in use. It also offers morning action options, which allow users to turn their phone’s Wi-Fi on at a certain time so that they can get morning news and social media updates.

The latest version of the app features a “do not disturb” function, which allows users to turn the profile on and off manually. This feature comes with a home screen widget for easy configuration.

“This app is completely customizable and based on the needs of users who have a very specific problem,” said Kadrov. “While we all love to feel popular, at a certain point the calls must end so that we can get some sleep. This app allows you to do just that, without being rude to others. In the meantime, you can also accept calls from people you don’t want to miss.

Nights Keeper was initially launched in mid-April in the Russian market, and is now available for U.S. mobile users. It has received rave reviews on Google Play, with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5. As of May 7, more than 85 percent of users have rated the app a full five stars.

To download Nights Keeper for free on Google Play, go to An advanced version of the app is available for just $1.99.









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