[MobilePRwire] – What’s YOUR problem? Whatever the matter, you’ll probably feel better once you’ve had a good Kvetch (Yiddish for ‘whine’) about it! Share your suffering, and use the power of sick social to get the sympathy you deserve. “It’s like foursquare for your inner hypochondriac”. Check in to a complaint and we’ll let your nearest and dearest know you need some loving. Find out who really gives a damn about you. Having a moan has never been so much fun.

If you simply must tell everyone about your latest flu, hangover, marital problems, psychosis or daily drama and connect with others in the same boat, then the new smartphone app KVETCH is perhaps just what the doctor ordered.

Launched this week for Android, and free to download from Google Play, Kvetch is the first of its kind to bring social to sickness, letting users easily “check in” to virtual clinics, hospitals and therapy rooms and share their latest afflictions with their friends on existing social networks, while making new connections with fellow sufferers who may just have the right remedy or advice.

But it’s not as serious as it sounds. Users can check in to psychological problems that include having an existential meltdown or crisis in confidence. Founder Michael Rosenbaum, says there are two sides to the app. “Some people will use it to broadcast their colds, coughs and bugs and track trends in their area, while others are using it to suggestively check their friends into rehab, or relationship counseling. It’s a fun way to tease friends and see who really cares about you at the same time.”

Taken from Yiddish, Kvetch means to complain or get something off your chest. Users can see trending conditions by proximity and globally, as well as meet people who are going through the same experience. They can even send virtual gifts such as chicken soup or teddy bears to cheer each other up. And as unlikely as it may seem they can also upload their favorite chicken pox and broken limb photos.

There is a serious side to the app. Rosenbaum is hopeful that the app will gather anonymous data about the prevalence and spread of bugs and illnesses, or the social, emotional and psychological make-up of different communities. “Are people in London more depressed than people in New York? Do women in Boston drink more than women in Dublin? We’re hopin g over time to get the answers from a massive user base rather than small scientific sampling.

Sharing is caring, and by applying popular social network paradigms to personal wellbeing Kvetch is tapping into the innate need for consolation in a fun, intuitive and easily accessible way. It’s like foursquare for your inner hypochondriac,” says Rosenbaum.

Got a cold? Painful headache? Can’t sleep? Boss driving you crazy? Food poisoning? Find solace from other sufferers, share tips and remedies, get in touch with others who have the same problems, and when it’s all over, check-out so people know you’re all better (or if things start deteriorating update the severity so people know just how serious things are).

Join this unique experiment to see what bugs are trending where (the science and epidemiology bit), and help us compare compassion around the world (the touchy feely bit). Going viral will never mean quite the same thing again. 


Kvetch is the first app to truly bring social to sickness, letting you easily:


– See which of your friends are unwell, what’s wrong with them and just how bad it is (including any photos)


– Send them virtual sympathy in the way of free gifts and messages, including suggested remedies


– Check yourself in to a ‘clinic’ if you’re the one who is suffering, and enjoy the attention


– Alert your friend network with push notifications


– You can even check your friends in for a laugh or to show them you care


– Discover people nearby who have the same problems. Connect privately or exchange public tips.


– See what’s trending globally and locally. It’s epidemiology for the social age.


– Check-out from the complaint once it has passed, and let people know you’re better


– Keep a handy record of your colds and flu’s (infographic reporting and health summaries coming soon) Kvetch is angel-funded and was developed by a team of coders in the UK, Germany and Portugal. The first version is now available on Google Play. An iPhone version and Facebook App are also in development.

Kwibble Limited is a London-based start-up hoping to disrupt the health sciences with a unique approach to social sharing. Founded in 2012.

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