New App Solves More Than Texting And Walking Problem

[MobilePRwire] – theSOULwithin Apps introduces Sidewalk Buddy, an Android based Smartphone app that goes beyond the limitations of current “texting and walking” apps. “People don’t just text while they walk,” said Joe Edakkunnathu, creator of Sidewalk Buddy, “they check emails, Facebook, browse, play games. That’s why we designed Sidewalk Buddy to protect people from having accidents while they are doing any task on their Android Smartphones. They can safely multi-task.”

The Sidewalk Buddy app creates a video pop-up window that appears on top of any other app people are using. The window allows a heads-up, real-time feed of what’s going on in front of you from the phone’s rear facing camera. The window can be made larger or smaller and can be moved to any position on the screen.

A 2012 research study by the University of Washington published in Injury Prevention Journal revealed that nearly one in three people walk across busy streets while distracted by their Smartphones. Half the time, they’re texting and walking during rush hour. This type of distracted walking has resulted in serious injuries and even the death of a 19-year-old Western Connecticut State University student.

The Chicago developer’s inspiration for Sidewalk Buddy came from his own near-accident while walking and texting on a busy city street. “I set out to create an app that helps multi-taskers walk safely while they are involved with any app on their Android-based Smartphone,” he said. “That flexibility adds a higher degree of safety to their experience. The ability to make the video window any size and place it anywhere on the screen gives users the added ability to customize their experience.”

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