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[MobilePRwire] – announced today the launch of Body Language Max, a new, easy-to-use and free application for iPhone and iPad owners. It’s the first and only Body Language app that provides customers with an intelligent system of learning; including 45 short videos detailing the gestures that are proved useful in professional and private life.

The producer calls Body Language Max app essential for managers, salesmen and others who have to sort out their customers’ decision-making processes during the business day, and seamlessly influence their decisions.

Body Language Max includes two learning modes and four categories of gestures:
– Gestures of Openness
– Gestures of Power
– Reinforcements of Speech
– Questions

Albert Mehrabian said that the meaning of a message is communicated by:
– Your words 7%,
– Your tone of voice 38%,
– Your body language 55%.
– Understanding Body Language techniques can greatly improve an individual’s life.
– A psychologist and Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman found that people usually prefer not doing business with someone who offers the best terms but, rather, with someone they like.

A person who consciously uses body language reacts better in social situations and thus becomes more likable. Learn effective methods of doing so with Body Language Max. This will help in situations such as:
+ negotiations
+ interviews
+ seduction
+ sales

The producer promises this app offers quick, tested methods that can lead to success, helping the buyer to better represent himself.  This app contains a video recording of Body Language Trainer Max Bojarski, a Polish activist and politician. In 2011 we implemented the first smartphone’s app on Polish market that helps students to prepare for junior high exams and for secondary school certificate. Since 2013 we also implemented a series of apps in English language for iOS system, which help to increase range of awarnesss of the communication process, first of which concern the body language.

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