New Cymbol iPad App Makes it Easy to Input Symbols Into Text

[MobilePRwire] – iPad users can now quickly and easily input text symbols, superscript and subscript into any text field thanks to Cymbol, an innovative new app for the iOS platform.

The app allows users to seamlessly select the symbol they want, and then input it into their text. This is an indispensable feature for students, mathematicians, lawyers and technical writers who regularly need to enter a variety of textual symbols into documents and text fields when using their iPad.

Cymbol makes it easy to write out mathematical formulas, enter footnotes and endnotes and insert legal symbols for all types of documentation.

“Cymbol is a must-have app for students, journalists, lawyers and professionals working in very technical fields,” said D.R. Arthur of…. “Symbols are meant to be textual shortcuts. It doesn’t make sense for people to have to look up each keyboard command just to enter them into documents. The Cymbol app’s graphical interface allows users to interactively select the specific symbol they need, without the hassle of difficult-to-remember keyboard commands.”

Cymbol addresses a common problem for technical users of the iPad. Even with a keyboard, it can be difficult to enter textual symbols on the device, as its onboard software requires users to know a specific keyboard command to generate each symbol. This can make it quite difficult for users who regularly need to enter a variety of textual symbols to keep track because each symbol has a specific command assigned to it. Cymbol provides users with an easily referenced graphical interface, allowing them to simply look up and choose the symbol they need at any time.

The app is available for purchase through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program, which makes it easy for educators and business owners to equip students, teachers and employees with Cymbol through bulk license ordering. The Volume Purchase Program also provides for a tax exemption for qualified institutions.

“This app is an essential tool for a variety of iPad users,” said Arthur. “It allows people to create complex documents and enter technical data on the fly. When you consider that this is what the iPad is specifically designed for in the first place, Cymbol is absolutely necessary for anyone who wants to access the full functionality of their mobile device.”…‘s Mission:…, a user oriented software group at all points mobile, provides integrated software resources for discovery, experiential expansion and technological innovation in the mobile application space to support the needs of those on the go here, the nation and around the world.

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