New fun and fast paced continues space game Evade Maze

[MobilePRwire] – Evade Maze is free and easy to play. All you need to do is move and run away before something catches you. Evade and survive! Continues forever! or at least until you can survive! Checkout the latest updates and explore the game.

Comis D.o.o, an innovative game development company, is presenting its latest game, Evade Maze.This is an IOS/Android/html5 fun and fast-paced game where players need to evade space objects.

A new and educational game,Evade Maze is attracting both young and adult game players alike with its unique concept. The game is released by a new game development company, Comis D.o.o. This is a fast-paced game compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch Phones.

According to sources, Evade Maze is helping kids develop their intelligence and reasoning power with its impressive concept and features. The app is found helpful for
improving concentration skills and memory in children. The game is absolutely free and easy for kids to play. They just have use the drag and drop feature or click anywhere in the game.

Speaking to the media, a representative from the company stated, “We are happy that our new app is helping kids develop better skills and memory power. The Evade Maze app features fast-paced gameplay that will surprise even top skilled players. The concept of the game is ‘evade and survive’ using easy learned tricks. We have designed the game as an educational app for children aged four to twelve. However adults can also enjoy the game.” He further added, “We aim to help people relieve the stress of daily life by playing innovative and fun games.”

Experts also found that playing Evade Maze can help kids improve their concentration levels and enhance memory. This is an educational app designed for iPhone, iPad and all Android devices. The app has a wide range of problem-solving games that assist kids in improving their remembrance and focus skills. At present this game is available in English.

Players have to drag their ‘Alien Player’ using a mouse or the touch commands and so evade being caught. The game does not have levels as such; players should just evade until they are caught. The fast-paced features in the game make it get faster and more difficult with time. Evade Maze is getting an amazing response and positive reviews from experts and critics for its captivating content and impressive animations. According to some game experts, playing this game regularly for few hours can help a child enhance their mental growth and skills. Parents are also finding the game concept useful for their children. Players can make the game more interesting by competing with others worldwide and attempting to beat other’s high scores.

When contacted, Rick Brown from NY said, “Evade Maze is such a cute game with an interesting format for kids. My eight years old son is a huge fan of this game. Sometimes I also play the game to relieve stress and I feel like a kid again. The most important thing about this game is that you do not have to be highly tech savvy or use your mind on an extreme level. The easy to go concept makes it perfect for the kids and the adults.”

Comis D.o.o. specialises in creating app books, mobile games and technically smart platforms by combining educational features and impressive and entertaining contents. The company is also planning to introduce several new games in the future.

Comis D.o.o, an innovative game development company involved in App Development.

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