New iOS gGame Memory Core: System Override Updated

[MobilePRwire] – SUM Interactive is announcing the update of its recently released popular game, Memory Core: System Override, a memory puzzle game set in a futuristic environment for the iPhone and iPad. The game has been free since its release. Those who love memory games such as Simon and puzzle games like Bejeweled will love Memory Core: System Override.

Memory Core: System Override is ramped up and ready to go – the new memory game by SUM Interactive is the futuristic mind-bender that will test your skills on a whole new level. Listen up as Andi, your Digital Assistant, gives you the 411 on the situation through your iPad or iPhone. The chrome-laden graphics and inventive futuristic twists add to the challenging puzzles – anyone who likes games like Simon and Bejeweled will love the fusion-filled play style of the game. Memory Core: System Override will lend hours of entrapping entertainment – see how high you can get your Star Score!

The game was originally released on October 2th of 2012 – in the newly updated version 1.0.194, Memory Core: System Override has had a few helpful tweaks to bring the game up to speed. This includes a “View Leaderboards” button on the User Stats screen. There are a variety of different game modes that can be unlocked and hours of play is available. The app also links with twitter and game center so you can boast your score and become the best hacker.

Memory Core: System Override is currently free to download and play on iOS version 5 or later – however, it will soon be moving to a paid version. As the game is updated further, adding new and better content, gamers will have to buy to play – get it now while it’s still free!

SUM Interactive LLC is a video game developer and publisher headquartered in Mountain View, California.

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