New Maldives 3D App Offers Real-Time Weather Wallpaper

Maldives 3D, an app developed by Vivoti Pte. Ltd., sets users’ mobile device wallpaper to reflect the current weather wherever the user is located, using a wide range of realistic animations and 3D rendering. It provides users with an instant, clear picture of the current weather conditions, as well as a widget for comprehensive 10-day forecasts. App features high-quality 3D rendering and animations

A new mobile app now available for Android gives users realistic live wallpaper reflecting real-time weather and forecasts.

“We are very pleased to launch the Maldives 3D app for Android users,” said Vivoti. “This app presents an easy, interactive and fun way for people to get up-to-the-minute weather information on their smartphones or other mobile devices. There’s no other app on the market offering the exceptional graphics and accurate information that Maldives 3D delivers.”

Among the many features of Maldives 3D are its high-quality water rendering, dynamic sky, sunrise and sunset animations, moving palms, animated dolphins and seagulls and ocean waves that correspond with the wind direction. It also shows the current phase of the moon, wind speeds, humidity and what the temperature “feels like” outside.

Maldives 3D gives users the ability to choose from two different weather information providers, and the app itself is highly customizable in terms of its settings. It has landscape and portrait modes, gray-scale and sepia filters and high-definition textures. In addition, weather information and forecasts are available in 22 different languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian and many others.

To date, the app has received outstanding reviews on Google Play, with users rating it an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars. In fact, 80 percent of users have given Maldives a full 5-star rating.

“The response we’ve seen from users so far has been tremendously positive and we continue to update the features to make Maldives 3D even more user-friendly,” said Vivoti. “This app is becoming a favorite of mobile users all around the world.”

Vivoti Pte. Ltd. is a software company primarily focused on mobile app development. To learn more about the company and the new Maldives 3D app, visit http://www….

Maldives 3D is now available for download on Google Play at https://play….

Vivoti Pte. Ltd. is a software company primarily focused on mobile app development.

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