New Paradigm Shift in App Marketing: Daily Package of WHAFF

[MobilePRwire] – WHAFF’s Daily Package has adopted the new element, retention rate, in the ranking system of Google Play and helps publishers to cope with it greatly when they promote apps.

Nowadays too many apps are released in a day and it is hard to promote your app. So far, app marketing focused on increasing the number of download because it was a very important factor in the ranking system of Google Play. However, publishers are recently confused because the result of conventional app marketing is not as good as before. It is because Google has changed its ranking algorithm a little bit lately. It is assumed that retention rate has become one of the deciding factors in the ranking system and not many publishers know this.

Retention rate is the rate between the number of users who download and keep your app and the number of users who download and delete your app within a month. WHAFF, a global app marketing company specializing in Android, has quickly developed a new marketing model which adopted this recent change. It is called Daily Package. Daily Package is consisted of the following three parts.

1. CPI – Reward on installation.
2. Daily Play – Reward on playing/using your app for at least 3 minutes once a day.
It increases the exposure of your app to users and they get true experience of your app. So it increases the probability of turning them into the actual users of your app.
3. Daily Reward – Reward on keeping your app on device once a day.

It helps you raise the retention rate of your app. Also, it buys some time to turn the user into an actual user of your app.

With all three parts above, Daily Package is total package to improve the ranking and revenue because Daily Package brings more downloads, improves the retention rate and gives a better chance to acquire actual users. You can decide how many days of Daily Play and Daily Reward. So the price of Daily Package can be different as you can customize your package. CPI is $0.2, Daily Play is $0.1 per day and Daily reward is $0.02 per day.

WHAFF is a global Android app marketing platform company.

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