[MobilePRwire] – Based on the Previous Baby App ‘Alima’s Baby’ with More than 2 Million Installs, player takes care of a baby with responsive body and gestures that change according to his happiness, health, and hungry with colorful 3D cartoon graphics. More information on the website http://www… and on the Google Play site https://play… Youtube: https://youtu…

Baby has to be attended as if he was your own real baby. His responsive body changes as you feed him and gestures will change as well according to his happiness, health, and hungry, in an environment designed with colorful 3D cartoon graphics.

Golden stars will be received rewarding good care, which can be used to achieve all kinds of things like food, clothing, or toys to make the game more interesting and personalizable. Liam always appears at the center of the screen and the different options for interacting with him are placed on left side of the screen, while on the right side the potential items are placed.

The game is an entertaining ‘virtual pet’ that allows the good things about having a baby without dealing with any of the bad things. The tasks must be completed in a specific order keep stress-free. The game comes after the company received a substantial amount of feedback from their users asking for improvements and more baby virtual pet games from the company.

Alima’s Baby Liam is a great implementation of the virtual pet/babies game genre which was developed for a different style of gameplay that provides elaborate and more creative than previous versions. The baby game for Android features 3D graphics with realistic cartoon physics.

The game app boasts unique features including:

  • Responsive body changes: The shape of the baby will change according to his feeding, getting fat, or skinny.
  • Behaviour related to baby state: His moves and gestures will change according his happiness, health, and hungry.
  • Colorful 3D cartoon graphics that’s matched with an engaging soundtrack.
  • Easy controls: Gamers simply mark the the items they need to use and move them.
  • Modern simulation: Users need take care of the baby in a balanced way and they will observe changes in real time according to them.
  • Unlockable rooms and items: Users will pass levels and will be rewarded with new rooms and items adding more activities to do with their baby adding creative combinations.
  • Optimization: The app is compatible with tablets device in addition to smartphones.

“We feel gamers will love our new version of a modernized “Alima’s Baby” with new challenges and 3D beautiful graphics,” comments the game’s designer, Manuel Benito. “Our studio completely renewed the previous versions features by creating a visually charming game with cute graphics for kids to improve their empathy skills. “They’re having fun and learning without even realizing it.”

The game also features record keeping, which allows players to record their game-plays to show their friends how they taking care of their baby, which helps others achieve different strategies and compare ways of caring. As one of the most popular simulated life, the developers hope that gamers will love their renewed version of “Alima’s Baby” for Android.

The virtual pet game app is currently available for download at the Google Play Store.
To learn more about the game https://play…
Youtube: https://youtu…

About the company:
Based out of Madrid, Alima Studios was launched as an independent game developer studio in 2013. The company is owned and operated by a crew of two brothers, Alberto and Manuel Benito. The pair are noted as a ‘fun-loving bunch of games lovers’ who have dedicated their lives to video games ever since they saw their first pixels. Their goal is to make original and fun games that anyone can enjoy. In 2014, they launched the game ‘Alima’s Baby’, which reached more than 1 million installs on Google Play, with additional games available on the Google Play market that include Mega Pang Galaxy and Alima’s Baby Pang.

Alima Studios

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