OmNom Apps Brings Anagram Twist to Android

[MobilePRwire] – OmNom Apps releases Anagram Twist to the Android market, complete with all the functionality hundreds of thousands of players have come to enjoy, and then some. Anagram Twist is easy to learn but hard to put down, and features hundreds of unique puzzles across many different categories.

Today, OmNom Apps released their most popular application, Anagram Twist, for the Android OS. Anagram Twist continues to delight users of all skills and backgrounds with a clean and fun word-gaming experience.

In Anagram Twist, players must figure out words that can be created as a result of six tiles with letters on them. Players unscramble and jumble these tiles around to come up with words. They receive stars for attempting a puzzle, figuring out the target six letter word, and discovering the rest of the words in each puzzle. Anagram Twist features numerous categories and dozens of puzzles to keep players’ word sleuthing skills sharp.

Anagram Twist for Android comes complete with everything in the iOS version of the application, and then some.

Stars have been incorporated more into the game to allow players to unlock additional content. A hint system has also been integrated that players to more easily figure out difficult words.

To date, Anagram Twist has been played by hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. It has been described in the App Store as both “Fun and addicting,” and a game that “keeps my family and I together trying to figure it out.”

Anagram Twist is available now for Android users running 2.2 and higher. Get it now on Google Play.

OmNom Apps is a growing independent application development company based in Los Angeles, California. We strive to create original, intuitive, and engaging experiences that will leave users with a smile.

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