Over craft: Titan’s War online – New MMO RPG for Android

[MobilePRwire] – FLIRTLIST, a Russian game developer, announced the release of Titan’s War online for Android. The best game for mobile phones. Fight epic battles, slay evil monsters, advance your character to the highest level! Equip your character, then battle enemies, demons and other children of evil! Improve you equipment, mine arms in the forge, complete quests, make your character as advanced as possible!

Lead your character to glory!
Application for players lets you to:
– play on both mobile phones and computers
– win battles and smash your opponents
– choose a character and name him
– learn fighting magic and attack your enemies with all power of your spell
– find devoted and fearless brothers in arms by joining clans
– artifacts help you win a victory over even the most lethal barbarians and vermins
– invite your friends to play via e-mail, sms, or social networkss such as Facebook, Twitter and Mail…


Read the full press release at MobilePRwire.com…

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