PhoneApp Introduces Social Media Integration with Clapboard for iPad

[MobilePRwire] – Clapboard App helps organize experiences shown within social media sharing such as Coub and Twitter based Vine to get a new take on video friendships.… Introduces Social Media Integration Handles for Clapboard App iPad app helps organize video takes for social media sharing…, the proprietor of innovative iPad applications such as Cymbol and GameGlyph, is integrating various social media outlets into its
great app, Clapboard.

The app, available for download through the iTunes App Store for $1.99* right now, serves as a digital clapboard that allows users to organize takes during video production via the time stamp recorded when video clips are clapped. It now features integration for Twitter and Vine users to edit and share video clips with others, including Clapboard’s chief marketer, Nicole Barnett.

“Social media is far and above the easiest and most effective way for people to share their videos online, and we’re making it easier for Clapboard users to do just that,” said Barnett. “With the touch of a button, people can take their videos from Clapboard’s interface and push them out to the world through Twitter and Vine, where they’ll be seen and shared by thousands of other users just like themselves.”

With the addition of social media integration, Clapboard is expanding the already extensive list of options available to users when it comes to creating video, whether it’s professional or just for fun. The app’s users are able to give their production a name, specify the camera type used
during filming and number each scene and take.

Now, through Clapboard’s “edit info” function, users can customize the display fields on the clapboard to optimize clips for sharing through social media sites like Twitter and Vine. Users may also engage with the app’s creator via these channels by following @ClapboardApp.

“The beauty of Clapboard is in its simplicity. With just a few simple taps, videographers can take a series of clips and turn them into a short production that’s ready for sharing-right out of the app,” said Barnett. “We’re genuinely interested in the user experience, and integrating social
media experiences with Clapboard for iPad is a natural progression toward achieving a seamless interface. Not only will people be able to share
their creations with us, but they’ll also be able to give us feedback through our social media channels. This will help us understand their needs and further tailor the app to meet these needs.”

* Clapboard iPad App for $1.99 until June 19, 2013, $2.99 thereafter.

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