Pocket Informant for Android Introduces Version 3

[MobilePRwire] – Web Information Solutions today presents the latest release in their Android line of productivity software, Pocket Informant 3 for Android devices. Pocket Informant 3 is based on the concept of completely integrated calendar, task management, notes and contacts, allowing users to fully manage their day within one application. A step forward in productively conducting your busy life.

Pocket Informant has been around for over a decade on many platforms, including Windows Mobile, Palm, BlackBerry, iOS, and of course, Android. The developers have a reputation for having their fingers on the pulse of what’s important to their customers. And what is that all important thing? Making busy lives more manageable! Pocket Informant 3 accomplishes this by giving customers the tools they need to manage busy schedules, complete the always-growing task list, and much more. Not only are these tools provided, but they are customizable to each customer’s specific needs and requirements. From visual changes and specifications, such as calendar colors to behind the scenes technical workings, such as syncing the data, you can customize it all.

“Pocket Informant 3 is not simply the next version of our productivity app,” says WebIS CEO, Alex Kac. “It has a totally redesigned user interface, new database and sync code, which makes it much faster and more reliable. To achieve this we had to rewrite around 90% of the app, allowing us greater flexibility in design. There are many new features available in PI3, and you are encouraged to explore the possibilities.”

This latest version has been in development for quite some time, with many hours, and much thought, going into making this a user-friendly, functional application. Extensive beta testing has been run to ensure that each new feature works to the fullest capability.

New features include, but are not limited to:

* New User Interface,including:
* Themes (select the specific “look” for your Pocket Informant)
* Adjustable screen areas
* Pinch-zoom in month view grid and hour mode of day view
* Adjustable multi-day view (shows any number of days from 1 to 7)
* Recurrence and date editor with preview
* Sliding navigation between dates
* Multi-select in all views
* Endless Agenda View

*Attachments to events/tasks (contact and written note attachments are supported)
*Better integration with Pocket Informant Online, the in-house sync service available from WebIS
*Text notes support
*Voice notes
*Manual and automatic backup
*Smart groups for tasks (user-defined criteria for task sorting)

Pocket Informant 3 is available in the Google Play store for a price of $9.99. There is a free demo version available as well, so that customers can give it a try before they buy.

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Headquartered in Cedar Park, Texas, WebIS, Inc. is a privately funded Corporation founded in 1997 by Alex Kac. WebIS, Inc. has focused on the Mobile PDA and Smartphone market since August of 2001 and has risen to become one of top ten developers by sales for mobile devices shortly thereafter. With more than 500,000 users on Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, iPhone and now Android, WebIS continues to show expertise, leadership, and vision in the mobile space. Our flagship application – Pocket informant – owns the majority market in PIM applications on Windows Mobile and as we continue to improve the user experience, and innovate in a big way WebIS is adapting to a changing software landscape and embracing the new directions of the market.

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