Preschool Aquarium, The New Top Children’s App

[MobilePRwire] – Parents love learning apps and children adore them. Preschool Aquarium is the new release by Fairytale Studios and features educational gameplay that has never been seen before on a mobile device. Available on iOS, Google Play and the Amazon App Store, Preschool Aquarium incorporates unique learning games designed by award winning preschool teachers and early learning psychologists. This sets Preschool Aquarium apart from the competition, it is a game designed for children by the experts.

Preschool Aquarium features three immersive learning games that could pass for full-fledged apps in themselves. The three games are numbers, letters and sea creatures. All of the games are designed via advanced algorithms to be unlimited in nature and endless for a child to focus on a specific discipline. There are hours and hours of excitement, perfect for restless toddlers that want to be entertained while a parent can feel relaxed as they are professionally designed for learning.

The specialty of the game comes with the questions that are designed by preschool teachers and learning professionals. They are endless and everything on the screen is touchable and fully interactive all the time. This is a game changer for children as it allows scenes to expand and gives the child an opportunity to explore even while answering a question about fish schools or numbers. An added bonus to staying in a large scene is the ability for the child to play the app longer without assistance from his/her parents to navigate.

Fairytale Studios is an industry leader in children’s learning applications and interactive books. Preschool Aquarium is the fourth installment of the preschool learning series. The other apps in the series are Preschool Playhouse, Preschool Safari, and Preschool Musical. The sound in all of Fairytale Studios work is professionally recorded in the studio and designed especially for early learning.

Preschool Aquarium is Available now for all devices on Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store. There are two versions of the app, a free and a paid version. The paid version comes with absolutely no advertisements and is our recommended download. However, everyone loves a free app and it is great to get an excellent app for free, this is why the option is in the hands of the parent making the purchase.

Fairytale Studios is a leading children’s developer of apps and digital books. Our apps are found on iOS, Android and Amazon.

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