Privacy Matters Even if you Have Nothing to Hide

[MobilePRwire] – Privacy matters even if you have nothing to hide this is the idea behind “GV Secure” a new revolutionary Android Application that lets you protect all information even your the most sensitive information (text messages, pictures and videos) with complete security and confidence, in knowing that your private communication will not be compromised. Other applications may offer protection for text messages, but they allow your pictures and videos to be fully exposed.

There are three privacy issues that GV Secure addresses.
1. Freedom from intrusion
2. Control of personal information
3. Freedom from surveillance

First, freedom from intrusion this is defined as freedom from an illegal act of entering, seizing, or taking possession of another’s property. GV Secure encrypts your multimedia, so others cannot take possesion of your data

Second, do you control your personal information? If so, you are one of the few who does. It’s almost impossible today to know where all of your “personal” information resides, much less control it. GV Secure gives the user the ability to use encryption when you believe information is not secure.

Third, freedom from surveillance is the final privacy issue. In the news we hear about malware and spyware on computers. There are so many types of surveillance today it is nearly impossible to avoid them all. The collection, analysis, and dissemination of data from surveillance will be useless if encryption is used. Private information encrypted with “GV Secure” is protected with an algorithm which can only be decrypted by the GV Secure Mobile Application.

Lastly, “GV Secure” connects to Google Voice SMS text messaging. Now you have the ability to make free text messages to any phone in the US or Canada without the traditional mobile phone provider text messaging plan.

The application is available as a trial with limited functionality on any Android device, however, the sender and receiver both need to have the service. To learn more about keeping your text messages secure go to

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