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[MobilePRwire] – New app contains high-quality camera with encrypting features for greater security.

Artem Handzioshyn, Ukrainian independent developer with more than six years of experience in creating mobile apps, announced the release a new app for iOS called Reporter Camera.

The new Reporter Camera app contains all the standard features found in other iOS cameras, plus additional options and much better security.

“As a fan of mobile photography, I wanted to create a camera with a simple but powerful interface to provide the best user experience possible while letting users feel like their photos are safe,” said Artem. “This app provides exactly that. I’m excited to release it on the App Store.”

Artem was motivated to create an extra-secure camera and photo app after a late 2014 scandal caused a mass leak of celebrity photos from the iCloud to the internet. That day, more people than ever before realised the need for greater privacy and security in the way they store their photos and documents online.

When a user takes photos with Reporter Camera, those photos are automatically encrypted and placed in a storage system called the Vault, where only the user can access them. Users can also encrypt photos they have already taken with other camera apps on their phone. In this way, users can ensure any photos they want to keep private cannot be compromised.

In addition to the security features, the app comes with a number of photo editing tools and allows users to set up a signature to customise their shots. The camera interface is simple and gesture-based to let everyone understand and use it in not time.

“Everyone should be able to expect that their private photos are exactly that — private,” said Artem. “The existence of a sense of privacy across different cultures and times is frequently asserted or denied on little evidence. However in digital world security is craved for, and now iPhone users can restore some of that peace of mind they lost. I’m pleased to be able to offer an app that truly values both the creativity and users privacy everywhere.”

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