Revolutionary Mobile Music Platform Made Even Better

[MobilePRwire] – SCORE MEDIA NETHERLANDS is delighted to announce the release of an update of their globally popular ‘Tunecast’ application to the Apple iTunes store, compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. ‘Tunecast 1.5’ is available now at a cost of $1.99.

‘Tunecast 1.5’ retains all of the brilliant features of the original application, and provides users with a slicker, more aspirational appearance and high-quality user experience that is unrivalled across other mobile music download services.

‘Tunecast’ is a revolutionary mobile music experience, allowing users to legally download and save music videos from YouTube directly to their Apple device, then listen to their collection ‘on demand’ whenever they want. ‘Tunecast’ is the first ever application that makes this possible for mobile music consumers, and best of all there are no hidden additional costs, nor is there a limit on the volume of content that one may download.

As consumers tire of costly mobile music subscriptions or ‘pay as you play’ initiatives, ‘Tunecast’ is a real game-changer in terms of this market, and puts the power and enjoyment of listening to and watching music videos back into the hands of those who are most important. ‘Tunecast’ automatically categorises users’ tracks and places them into alphabetical order for easy browsing of and finding videos.

With ‘Tunecast,’ the only thing a consumer needs to think about is how much storage space they have remaining on their Apple device. ‘Tunecast’ makes it easy to lose oneself and fill up a device quickly, even for those with larger storage solutions! When consumers have downloaded all of the music they want, they have a choice of options for listening and watching on their device. For those wanting to listen to music while completing household jobs, for example, ‘Tunecast’ is fully compatible with iPod and iPhone docking devices, allowing users to simply set up their playlist and get on.

One of the hottest features of ‘Tunecast’ is the community and built-in social media features. Users can share their playlists or favourite tracks with other users of ‘Tunecast,’ or connect to their Facebook and Twitter timelines to share their music tastes with friends and encourage them to join the revolution.

‘Tunecast’ is the quickest and easiest to use mobile music application currently available, and at a cost of just $1.99 for unlimited access to millions of YouTube music videos is helping consumers once again enjoy their mobile music experience on their own terms.

Score Media Netherlands is a leading European mobile applications and software developer. Score Media Netherlands is committed to engineering innovative new ways to cater for the needs and habits of mobile consumers, and developing user-friendly applications to enhance their everyday lives.

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