Rippln Unleashes The Blitz – Get in the Ripple

[MobilePRwire] – Rippln announces the release of new mobile app in the social commerce niche. The Rippln mobile app, a new concept making use of social media and gamification, has just been released to the market. Those looking to get into the ripple or grasp what the Blitz is can now check the company’s website for more information, as well as constant updates of the revolutionary platform.

The Rippln experience started last year in Dallas, Texas, where the phase-one launch of Rippln took place. Only 1,000 guests took part to the meeting where they learned about the new social commerce platform before it was actually released on the market. Now it has become time for everyone to find out about the Blitz and Rippln concept, which are to change the way how customers and employees interact forever. In order to find out more about the application, users can check out the videos, browse the website or follow the company’s profile on one of the many social networks, including Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Besides the Fun, You Can Actually Get Paid to Be Part of the Ripple!

There are plenty of benefits to being a Rippln mobile user. First of all, users will be able to see how their own ripple grows around the world, as well as track the activity that takes place inside it. Rippln is actually more than a mobile app, it is an entire platform. And the reason why it is unique is because it features ground breaking technology on multiple levels. Rippln Communicator is the first part to be released. With its aid, users will get to communicate with people inside their ripple, regardless of their location, through text, voice messaging, Walkie Talkie, video messaging and more. Rippln also shares special offers with people in the ripple with the ability to run and market your own business within Rippln and your own ripple. And you benefit from the shared revenues. Therefore, those who want to become part of the ripple will actually get paid for joining in.

The Way Ripple Has Grown and How You & Other People Can Be Invited

The way Rippln works is quite simple. It is an invite-only platform, with people being able to get into the ripple and start to play once they accept the invite from another user. An invite can also be requested by going to now. Every time a person receives the invitation through SMS or e-mail, it will be accompanied by a unique invite code. This code is one which gives users the possibility to get into the ripple. Once the invite has been accepted, users who are part of Rippln can start inviting their own friends as well, thus constructing and building their own ripple. The entire concept is simple and innovative.

What Is Rippln Blitz?

Each Rippln user will be issued a Blitz Code, which is going to be directly tied to their accounts. Once a player receives the Blitz Code, he/she gets the possibility to invite an entire database of persons by using the same number or code. Invites outside the Blitz are sent one at a time, each having its own number. However, using the Blitz Code, players become able to invite several thousands of people into their ripple, all at a time.

Ready To Get In The Rippln Ripple And Play?

Click the “Send My Invite” button below and I will send you your personal invite code. You can immediately start to invite your friends and build your ripple.

Get started now and see how far around the world your ripple grows!

Ripple Elite Team is a group of independent Ripplers in the inner circle of Rippln, Inc.

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