Rise from Purgatory Now Available on Google Play

[MobilePRwire] – An exciting new side-scrolling adventure for Android devices, this dynamic and high-octane game takes players across a fast-paced escape from their own fate within the depths of Purgatory.

Available today for mobile play, Rise from Purgatory emerges players into a fast-paced world of thrills, dangers and obstacles to overcome. The first release from indie developer MARPO Productions, the game brings an unconventional and exhilarating take on the classic platformer. Players come face-to-face with a wide variety of unique obstacles and challenges. Lightning fast reflexes and rapid thinking are absolutely fundamental to success in the frantic and fast-paced game world.

Game-play pits the player against a wide range of dangerous obstacles, traps, guards, fire pits and other perils as they guide the hero out of Purgatory. The game design keeps the action frantic and fast-paced through every stage. There’s no rest for the weary in this action-heavy experience.

Guards will capture or kill the player all along the way. Players face crushing obstacles, impaling spikes and constant danger. If they can navigate their way through without blowing up or getting impaled, they may have a chance at rising up and escaping their fate in Purgatory. The simple and intuitive controls make navigating a straightforward process. Players can run, duck, jump and shoot their way across the wide range of platforming levels.

Of course, if players are not careful, they risk losing their head, getting crushed or sliced by a giant axe or being shot by guards. Part of the game’s unique appeal is its immersion into the pits of Purgatory. Players will definitely feel like they are deep within the dungeons of a world they must fight to escape from.

Indie developer Marc Polett says that the game is a passion project for him that has steadily evolved into the full-featured game available today. While he recognized the immense challenge of a solo development project, his drive and enthusiasm about the game continued to motivate him through the app’s release.

“As a former web designer and developer, I knew creating a game from scratch was going to be a challenge,” Polett recently remarked. “But with the wealth of information available to me via the Internet and YouTube and the advice from other game developers, I was able to learn what I needed to make it happen.”

As a first-time developer, Polett understands the challenge of competing in the ever-increasing mobile app marketplace. However, he remains confident that the quality and uniqueness of the app will delight mobile gamers of all styles and tastes.

“Rise from Purgatory was a labor of love,” Polett reiterated. “It was built on blood, sweat, tears, many late nights, lots of trial and error and the tremendous support of my loving wife. I know players are going to be excited and enjoy their experience from beginning to end.”

MARPO Productions, LLC is an independent mobile game development company. The company’s initial release, Rise from Purgatory, is now available from the Google Play and App Stores.

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