Say Goodbye to Boredom – Pix Blox Game Released!

[MobilePRwire] – Wolfpacksoftware is excited to announce the release of our game Pix Blox Picture Puzzle available for android phones and tablets.

Pix Blox turns the classic picture puzzle on its head by introducing the player to an all new kind of puzzle.

Starting with a jumbled up picture rotate each of the 3D cubes to complete the image as quickly as you can.

Best of all you can use any picture you like! Choose from the selection of pictures provided with the game or select any image from your phones image gallery.
By upgrading to Pix Blox Pro players will also be able to use their devices camera to take a picture and play it directly in the game.

So if its a boring commute on the train or just waiting for half time at your favourite sporting event to finish you can play a new and unique puzzle anytime, anywhere.

The game is released for free supported by in game adverts and includes the ability to upgrade to Pix Blox Pro to remove the adverts and use your devices camera.

Pix Blox is available now on Google Play Store and Amazon Marketplace.

Wolfpacksoftware is commited to developing new and innovative games for mobile phones and tablets.

Read the full press release at…

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