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[MobilePRwire] – Imagine walking down the street and you caught sight of a well-dressed woman in a tailored dress. You snap her picture, save it in your mobile gallery and tell yourself “I’m going to find something similar to this dress.”
Well, we all know that photo is going to get lost in an abyss of digital dust. Fortunately, there is now a mobile application that helps you find visually similar fashion items to the pieces that you covet.

Chic-Finder (…) an online fashion social search engine has launched its similar named mobile application targeted towards fashion conscious iOS users.

Not limited to just snapping pictures of stylish strangers, users can also take pictures of the celebrity in the magazine, expensive fashion products they see in the shopping malls or even the dress worn by a character in TV. As long as it falls within the category of clothes, shoes or bags, it is searchable.

Once they upload, users can explore through the selection and find an alternative to purchase on the spot.

Wang Gang, founder of Chic-Finder, created the fashion start-up to accommodate women around the globe with the ease of finding visually similar fashion items that they desire according to their financial means.

“It’s fast and efficient as it saves the user time and frustration from having to browse the Internet to find a similar look,” said Wang Gang.

“Furthermore, we are affiliated with around 300 global ecommerce stores and with over a million products in our catalog, there is bound to be something for everyone. This is also definitely faster than getting a personal stylist who will only find similar items limited to their store,” he further explains.

Hoping to create a bustling and dynamic fashion community, users can choose to search, discover and create collections, shop or head on to the trending section to know more about what the majority of users are buying. With a high-tech team that’s consistently improving the brain behind the technology, the algorithm is often reworked to ensure best results are delivered.

However, with chaotic backgrounds and clutter in the picture, will it still be able to generate results that are visually similar?

“Definitely.” Said Gang.

“We know the importance of having a seamless search process for the user.
We have spent close to a year in perfecting a technology that delivers impressive visual results even with bad conditions such as bad lighting or a messy background. The science behind the search is perceptive enough to differentiate what should be searchable,” he further added.

Chic-Finder is free to download at the App Store.

Key Features:
•Snap, upload and search for visually similar items of clothing.
• Buy a fashion item that is more suited for your financial means.
•Save searches.
•Create collections of items you covet.
•Share, discover and get inspired by other user’s collections.

Led by Wang Gang who has over 8 years experience in computer vision, the Chic-Finder team has a combined experience of 25 years in computer vision, software engineering, mobile development and fashion industry. Passionate about creating visual solutions that is beneficial to digital businesses, the team is constantly innovating new solutions that could help create more engagement and interaction between users and the website.

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