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[MobilePRwire] – As the total number of mobile apps on the two major app marketplaces climbs to 2,000,000, it becomes more difficult for app developers to get their apps noticed.… has created a new way for good apps to get found that also improves the buying experience.… is revolutionizing the way mobile device users purchase apps with a new, interactive marketplace. Every day, mobile device users download more than 46 million mobile apps from Apple’s App Store during 2012. That’s according to venture capital firm KPCB. With so many apps available, many app developers complain that it is difficult for their apps to be found in the App Store and Google Play.

When Apple recently unveiled iOS7 with all of it new features for the iPhone, it announced that it currently has more than 900,000 apps in its App Store. Analysts estimate that Google Play, formerly Android Market, has just as many or more apps as both stores race to the 1,000,000 app mark.

Without targeted marketing campaigns that go viral, the vast majority of apps simply go unnoticed. This problem for developers highlights important limitations in the way the two major app stores operate.

To give app developers a “fighting chance,”… has created a new platform that will help new apps get noticed while also improving the buying experience. The unique structure of the site allows buyers to see more details about each app and helps them to discover new apps easily.

Not only does… give app developers more exposure, it also connects buyers and sellers in a new way. When buyers use either the App Store or Google Play, they must make a purchase based on only the information presented, and there is no direct contact between the developer and the buyer. This results in dissatisfaction and buyer’s remorse.… takes the guesswork out of purchasing an app by giving the app buyer direct access to the app developer. Buyers now get direct answers to the questions they have about the apps they are interested in purchasing.… also gives app developers the ability to get instant feedback from buyers who are using their apps. This feedback helps them maintain quality control by finding and eliminating bugs with the help of users.

App developers can also promote their apps on… with a page dedicated to their app that can contain pictures, videos, articles, press releases, reviews, and company background information. Once a buyer clicks the apps link on…, they are taken to the app either on the App Store or Google Play to complete their purchase.

Mobile device users can visit… to discover and explore new apps. App developers can visit… to learn more about how they can promote their apps and interact with their customers.

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Skype id: wolfmanrda… is revolutionizing the way mobile device users purchase apps buy taking the guesswork out of the transaction. By connecting app developers directly to app purchasers, developers get more exposure for their apps and purchases enjoy a more satisfying app purchasing experience.

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