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[MobilePRwire] – Total Availability Ltd, the experts in big files and digital media, are excited to announce the Android version of zeZebra, the ultimate solution for transferring big files and media with no size limit, privately and securely. The successful software that already runs on Windows computers and Mac now fully supports Android, with full interoperability among the different platforms.

The new App is based on unique technology which has been working successfully in zeZebra’s Windows and Mac applications. Users can select any number of files of any size, and send them to friend’s devices or to their personal computers over the air – as well as sending files from PCs and Macs to the Android phones and tablets.

While existing file sharing and digital data transfer solutions today have various limitations, such as limited size (even paid services have their limits), long upload times, security concerns when user files reside on unknown servers out there – zeZebra provides a groundbreaking solution that has absolutely no limits on file size and availability: users can send huge video files, complete archives of pictures and music, or just any other big files, to and from their Mac, PC and now Android smartphones and tablets. And zeZebra is always free.

The privacy and security of user files are a top priority for zeZebra, which ensures that files are sent point-to-point from sender to receiver, while not even a single fragment of user data ever resides on any server or cloud storage.

Total Availbility’s team stated: “zeZebra for Android is another great step in Total Availability’s commitment to empower users with the best tools for making their data always available and free.”

Total Availability is a team of Internet and Mobile-savvy people with extensive experience in technology development and application creation, who have been developing the unique, fast and secure media file transferring technology for several years.
zeZebra is available on the Google Play store here:

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