Slot Madness is where it’s at! Free slots and mini games!

[MobilePRwire] – Slot Madness has everything you would want in a Vegas style slot machine app. Slot machines, horse racing, and mini games! Best of all, it’s free! Unlock new and never seen before slot styles while trying to rank on our top players list.

Want that Vegas experience without the hassle or cost, download Slot Madness for your Android, Blackberry, or Amazon device. Whether you like 3 reels, 5 reels, cascading, or a new style slot I introduce, you won’t be disappointed. The slots are loose enough to enjoy, yet balanced enough to not be too easy. Enjoy mini games that will challenge even the most hardened players. Not your thing, gamble on virtual horse races and enjoy. You can even tip the odds by powering up horses to try and get that extra yard out of them.

Help support a small, but growing company. A54studio is comprised of one employee who does all the art, coding, and music involved in every release. Feel good knowing you are supporting the independent developer while enjoying a well crafted gaming experience at the same time.

Tired of other apps constantly wanting money at every turn, with Slot Madness you can enjoy it all for free! Run out of chips, just hit the button to refill, it’s as easy as that! Unlock challenges and work your way to the top of the boards. Maybe you can be the top player!

*Real slot machine feel
*3 reel slots (regular and cascading)
*5 reel slots (regular and cascading)
*5 reel slots (cascading and randomized)
*Horse Racing
*Flipping Satellite (mini game)
*Pick a card (slot mini game)

Android development from concept to deployment.

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