snapp! – An Innovative Location Based Social Networking App

[MobilePRwire] – snapp! is the must-have social networking app for Android and iPhone users. With its incredible social networking capabilities, snapp! utilizes cutting-edge location technology to determine your location and positioning with hundreds of indoor maps provided in partnership with Micello Inc. With snapp! you can post your location no matter where you are – indoors, outdoors, malls, even if you’re on the move. Developed by sensewhereTM , the leading pioneer in revolutionary location technology, snapp! takes social networking to a whole new level.

The differentiation and uniqueness offered by the sensewhere technology lies in the pure software facility with autonomous mapping of the RF reference points in a way that is self-correcting. With snapp! you can utilize the app’s system GPS locator, that works both indoors and outdoors, to track your position.! Snapp! is integrated with all of your major social media accounts – Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and friendswhere. Post updates of your location with snapp! and even attach messages, shout outs, and photos. 

“snapp! is the perfect app for anyone on the go. The powerful location determining technology allows users to track positions from anywhere, from the mall to downtown and even concerts and festivals. Track where you and your friends go, check in to your favorite hot spots and share them on your social networking accounts. snapp! is truly changing the definition of what a mobile app should be,” says Anna Majek, sensewhere’s Social Media and Communications Executive.

snapp! allows you to check in anywhere, you can even configure the settings to automatically update your location on your social networking accounts. Use this innovative technology to find your friends and loved ones and also follow their location and even get directions to where they are! The user also remains in complete control over the privacy settings and their preferences at the click of a button from a single easy-to-use interface.

To watch snapp! in action, check out the app video below!

UK software designer sensewhere is the world leader in indoor positioning technology and applications for mobile devices. sensewhere emerged as a leader with its pioneering technology developed by a team of researchers at the University of Edinburgh. The team was later joined by commercial experts from leading technology companies, such as CSR, in 2005. sensewhere’s pure software technology enables precise location information, with no additional infrastructure, in areas where there is no or inaccurate GPS satellite data such as indoors or in tight urban areas. For more information, visit the website.

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