Space Terror – New iOS Game Based on 50s Sci-Fi Movies

[MobilePRwire] – Space terror is new iOS game based on 50s sci-fi movies and all the cheesy stuff that comes with it. Its 2D cartoon style game for all iOS devices with easy controls, fun gameplay and great design.


End of the world is coming !
Dirty aliens from Outer space are trying to usurp our planet.
Fight them, or DIE in flames !!!
The battle for our planet has begun.

Attacked from every angle, pushed to the limit, only fast moving game strategies win the day.

Fire your Mega Death Ray and vaporize the alien enemy, use shields to protect the earth as we know it. Freeze meteors as they shower down on you, set up mine fields and watch the enemy evaporate in space or launch Satellite to orbit and defend our planet.

Stay on top of the world and send the invaders back where they came from.

Space Terror keeps on attacking planet earth – use your ‘power-ups’ and upgrade your weapons to defend it!

Created and developed by Stache Bits, Space Terror, the brilliant interactive app promises to keep you coming back for more……..again and again……..

New indie game studio based in Prague Czech republic, formed purely on hatred, disgust and anguish with everything that concerns video games.

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