Spiders Invade Your Android Device

[MobilePRwire] – Android is being overrun by creepy looking spiders and people are getting a thrill from it.Spiders is a new game from Games For Your Mind released just in time for Halloween. The creepy game is played in a darkly lit hallway. Slowly spiders start crawling towards the player and they need to be tapped before they reach the screen.

Soon more and more spiders are coming and it becomes an insurmountable swarm. The goal is to see how many spiders the player can get before being overwhelmed. The eerie music adds to the atmosphere and losing gives the player a bit of a jump as the spiders attack. This game obviously isn’t for everyone and some of the comments are complaints that the game is too creepy. 

Games For Your Mind’s previous releases have always catered to the puzzle and memory game fans but Spiders has no intention of straining your brain. The games only requirement is mad tapping. “Games For Your Mind isn’t finished with brain games. Its nice to have some brainless fun sometimes too right.” says Daniel Petersen, from Games For Your Mind. The realistic spider graphics are an improvement over previous releases and are a critical component in creating the survival horror atmosphere. 

Games For Your Mind

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