Spika Launches Music Application ‘ShareOn Audio’ for Android

[MobilePRwire] – Spika released an android music application, ShareOn Audio. ShareOn Audio application not only allows users to access and play their music files on their PC, but also allows users to listen to saved music on Wi-Fi speakers, Smart TVs, home theater systems through a Wi-Fi connection, enabling users to enjoy their music from anywhere.

Currently, smartphones support MQS(Mastering Quality Sound) and FLAC(free lossless audio codec) files, and the released ShareOn Audio is critical benefit to smartphone users. With ShareOn Audio, users don’t need conversion for Bluetooth streaming which enables more enjoyable musical experience.

Play all music from a PC and access your iTunes music library on your Android device

ShareOn Audio is rapidly achieving popularity since it able users to access music library from PC or other devices. Also, it enables users to play music on a set of Wi-Fi speakers from PC without the need to synchronize or transfer files to a device. Those who are concerned with the size of music files or lack of space to support these files, this app can be a solution.

ShareOn Audio has hit the weekly top 10 list on a popular application reviewing website. This application has received high praise for a feature in the application that allows you to access your iTunes library via your android device. Flawless compatibility with DLNA supported products was also noted.

The founder of Spika, Nicole Kim, quotes, “Devices related to Wi-Fi speakers are being steadily manufactured around the world and Spika has received requests for future joint ventures.” He added, “Spika has been receiving positive feedback from the younger generation based on the design of the application. Additionally, The UX design with an analog theme and typographic concept has received excellent reviews from our users.”

With the popularity of ShareOn Audio, Spika released a new application called ‘Shareon Video’. It is not only used for indoor, but also for the outdoor, such as the subway or camping enabling users to access saved video or music files on a PC at home. Both applications are available for download at the Google Play Store.

ShareOn Audio: https://play…
ShareOn Video: https://play…

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