Stop Wasting, Start Tasting with GroceryHero

[MobilePRwire] – Stop wasting, start tasting! Join our superhero Herocery in the battle to reduce grocery wastage through the discovery of new and innovative recipes.

GroceryHero reminds you of the expiration dates of groceries in your store whilst enabling the discovery innovative recipes based on these ingredients.

Research has shown that up to a quarter of the £10Bn cost of food wastage in the UK is due directly to the lack of utilisation of groceries before their expiration date, with the issue being compounded worldwide. It’s time we act!

– Simple, quick and easy to use interface
– Scan and store groceries with barcodes, quick add items used before
– Store items without barcodes (i.e. fruit and veg or leftovers)
– Discover new and innovate recipes based on the grocery ingredients in your store
– Be reminded of the expiration dates of stored grocery items
– Organise your grocery items between your fridge, freezer and pantry
– Email selected recipes
– Tweet your recipe activity
-Earn ‘Hero Credit’ for doing the right thing!

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