Swift Plane takes off,Calling all pilots

[MobilePRwire] – Swift Plane Press release
Swift Plane,a free to play mobile game is now Available on Android and App Store
Hyderabad, October 25, 2016
Explore the thrills of flying on Swift Plane, a light and breezy, free to play mobile game that links flying and obstacle race in one game.

Must Play Games Pvt Ltd brings you Swift Plane, endless and high on entertainment as the name suggests you have to be supersonic.
Swift Plane is an arcade game for casual gamers with multiple planes, three different worlds and endless amount of fun.
In Swift Plane, the gamers pilot an airplane and navigate it through the rocky terrains of the forest. While flying through green woods they have to ensure that they do not crash as soon as they take off.
During the game, the players must not only change flight plans constantly but also collect virtual currency(gems) to advance further. The players can use their virtual currency to either advance further in the game by building up a fleet or unlocking the next level. They have to be careful not to crash and burn while they fly non stop.

The next world does not unlock until you collect a sizable amount of gems. Gamers can earn bonus virtual currency if they login daily.
Swift Plane incorporates the following features:

High definition 3d art
Original soundtrack
Simple swipe controls
Bonus for daily gameplay log in
Competitive leaderboard scores for every level

This 3d mobile game is equipped with a dynamic leaderboard that enables gamers to compete and compare scores while playing on every level of the game individually. They can rule the skies powered by reflex skills and go on an adventure with this low size game.
Swift Plane is a low size game that is simplistic and a colorful treat for casual gamers.

For further details please contact shivakrishna.d@mustplay.com.

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Must Play Games is a leading mobile games studio, established in 2015 with a notion to develop fun to play unique games on mobile platforms. While the mobile gaming market is inundated with multitude of games, “Must Play” is happy to create games that reflect innovation and creativity. ‘Must Play’ develops games for most of the popular mobiles and tablets on iOS & Android. Some recently released games by “Must Play” are Racing Race, Zombie Little, Death Pit, Bad Light and Left R Right.

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