Swiss Museums : The new iOS application from Pixels Trade

[MobilePRwire] – “Swiss Museums” is a new application that cames to enrich Pixels Trade’s range of mobile applications. It allows users to easily locate the closest museum through geolocation and to find out paths to follow to get there. It covers all museums listed on Swiss territory.

Swiss Museums is the new iOS application developed by “Pixels Trade” in collaboration with the « Swiss Museums Association ». It provides access to all Switzerland museum patrimony and inquires, exhaustively, the various museums and their exhibitions.

The application contains many useful information such as: access plans and opening hours, which are intended to guide the user, to help him make informed choices and to summarize him the essence.

Concretely Swiss Museums is a multimedia guide. It gives a direct access to 1095 geolocated museums so it allows the user to position himself in relation to the closest museum. Based on geolocation, the application insures a better location of the available museums and allows, also, the user to save his favorite museums.

Swiss Museums is also a directory for the various dedicated applications relative to each museum. Indeed, it contains the direct link of each available application for Swiss museums.
This new application exists in four languages: French, English, Italian and German and has four tabs namely:

This tab allows users to know the museums nearby. These museums are classified by distance from the nearest to the farthest. The section allows, also, to present a brief description of the museum and gives useful information like opening hours, transport stations around each museum and shows if it has a restaurant, an access for the handicapped persons, a parking, etc.

The section “Search” allows to find museums by canton, by name or even by category. Eight categories are available and they include: archaeological museums, technical museums, regional and local museums, museums of folklore and ethnography, museums of science, thematic museums, museums of art and finally historical museums. These various museums are in an alphabetical order.

Centered on the area where the application’s user is, this section allows to geotag the various museums on a map. The geolocalization facilitates, then, museum’s location.

The application can be easily shared on the various social networks and by e-mails, and it is here where the user can change the application’s language and see the list of his favourite museums, as well as he can access a range of information about the application.

Pixels Trade is a communication agency specialized in mobile applications development.

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