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Unlocking Monetization for App Discovery Platforms

After an exhaustive analysis of the top 70 app discovery and app review platforms, GeoRiot – a global affiliation linking service, has found that almost all are reliant on generating revenue by advertising but don’t leverage affiliate marketing as a secondary revenue stream. Out of the 70 tested, only 40% were using any affiliated links at all, and only a single site had configured internationalization of those links correctly.

SellingApps.com Takes the Guesswork Out of App Purchasing

As the total number of mobile apps on the two major app marketplaces climbs to 2,000,000, it becomes more difficult for app developers to get their apps noticed. SellingApps.com has created a new way for good apps to get found that also improves the buying experience.

‘Coin Wish’ now available on Apple App Store and Google Play

A new coin dropping action-arcade classic, available for Android and iOS.

iWorldApps Proudly Presents Practice Mathematics 2

“Practice Mathematics 2,” is aimed at 7 to 11 year old children, as well as parents and teachers of these age groups, and indeed anyone looking to revise this level of mathematics. “Practice Mathematics 2” is exclusively available on iPad, and is on sale now in the App Store, priced at £1.49 for UK users and $1.99 for those in the United States, although the app is available for download by Apple customers across the world. A reduced functionality free version of “Practice Mathematics 2” will be released in the near future.

The Ultimate Note Taking App for Students

Texas based House of File today announces the release of School Notes for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. A wildly practical note taking solution for modern high school and college students, this application offers users a centralized academic hub where they can take handwritten, visual, and audio notes, set up reminders, create flashcards, and share important classroom info with others on demand and on the go!

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