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KosmicMath 2.0 rocks the Solar System

Our AppVentures Super Mom Kathy introduces us to an out of the world iPhone/iPad Math system, KosmicMath. KosmicMath was first introduced in 2009. Six years later it rocks the Solar System with a new update. https://youtu.be/dM2nPHpg0tM

Understand Chinese at the Click of a Button

User-Friendly Software Maximizes Chinese Language Learning with a Complete Suite of Studying Tools

Clockwise – learn the clock app for Kids and Parents

There are few educational tasks that take hours for both parents and kids. One of them is learning to tell time on a clock. While a simple task, its a beginning of interesting math journey – you start understanding what half & quarter is. You learn the intervals like hours, minutes, seconds and how they all work together. Yet – its a cumbersome task to sit with your kid and either draw a clock or play with a real one. Clockwise – a free Android app resolves this for you. Learn the clock today.

Study dinosaurs with Moose and Zebra

DashForward Lab LLC announces the release of Moose & Zebra. Dinos, the third issue of a unique interactive kids magazine on Google Play. Kids will have fun with a pair of cute characters, develop essential skills such as math, logic and memory and learn amazing facts on dinosaurs. Kids and parents will enjoy spectacular illustrations and animation and will adore lovely characters Moose and Zebra.

Teachers App Exam Pal help students to cope with Exam stress

With a multitude of examinations undertaken by today’s students preparing and keeping track of your examination schedule can be a real headache. Exam Pal 1.0 enables you to find scheduled dates and information for any exam currently awarded by all the major Awarding Examination Bodies in the UK, US and International regions. Track your exams, log your results, schedule your homework, enter your timetable and access key revision tips. A must for all students studying for exams at all levels.

123 Kids Fun Flashcards – New Free Android App for Kidsor toddlers

Free educational game for your toddlers and preschoolers (ages 2 – 6) to start their adventure with the words. Our app have 132 Flashcards with great sounds and animations in 11 categories (fruits, furniture, insects, vehicles, cutlery and dishes, clothes, vegetables, animals, bathroom).

Math Heroes vs Dragons aims to turn children into champions

With school starting in just a few weeks Math Heroes vs Dragons provides an entertaining way for students to get back in mental shape.

Kids’ educational bestseller Lola Panda hits Android stores

Educational game developer BeiZ’s new Lola’s ABC Party Free is now available on Google Play store. Lola’s ABC Party teaches the alphabet to preschoolers while they are having a blast! The game gets more and more challenging as the player masters letters and phonetic tasks. The game is part of the Lola Panda™ game series which have been played by millions of children around the world.

Ebooks&Kids apps are coming to Android

From today “Wee Kids”, the family of fun and educational apps, is available on the stores of Amazon, Google, Samsung

Ebooks&Kids apps are coming to Android

From today “Wee Kids”, the family of fun and educational apps, is available on the stores of Amazon, Google, Samsung

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