Tap like a Sir – Sir Tapalot – New Tap & Dash Game for iOS

[MobilePRwire] – Dim Sum Lab has released their latest game for the iOS platform, fearlessly dubbed ‘Sir Tapalot’. This new gaming app comes not long after Dim Sum Lab’s innovative ‘What The Foto?!’ social photo game, but heeds to the lone gamer’s call for an easy, pick-up-and-play experience. ‘Sir Tapalot’ will make its mark on the iOS platform for being insanely addictive, intuitive, and irreplaceable on your home screen.

Story Overview:
Sir Tapalot is an adorable little knight who has come far from his pixelated days as a small-town squire. Dragons are a dime a dozen for this little fella, each passing stage exposing more of the weird and wonderful foes the game has to offer.

Simply tap once and watch him pound through monsters and magic blocks a-plenty. Shoot across the screen on an 8-bit soundtrack while you poke your little sword at morbidly obese sprouts, sock puppets, alien species, badass ninjas, and other familiar fear-mongering characters.

Reach a minimum level to tap out residents of the Evil Castle for more addictive gameplay.

– Fast-paced stage progression for hours of addictive, intuitive gameplay
– MAGIC BLOCKS to level-up, size-up, speed-up and plenty more boosts
– NEW ENEMIES at every level – completely random, yet bizarrely compelling…
– 8-bit soundtrack, with gameplay harking back to NES/arcade brilliance
– Share and rank up on Game Center

About Dim Sum Lab Ltd.

Dim Sum Lab is a mobile gaming and application developer based in Hong Kong S.A.R., China. Dim Sum Lab is the proud father of ‘Dim Sum Story’, ‘Zombie Red Rum’, and ‘What the Foto?!/WTF’.

The goal of our mobile gaming division is to create fun and entertaining games for gamers and non-gamers alike. At Dim Sum Lab, we strive to create the best original content for gamers by gamers. With a few small gaming titles under our belt, our mobile gaming team is ready to launch into bigger and more social-able titles in the future.

Besides mobile game development, Dim Sum Lab provides custom application and original content for various businesses around the Asia Pacific region.

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