Tell The World What’s On Your Mind with MindUp for iOS

[MobilePRwire] – A picture is worth a thousand words, but a thought bubble sums them up beautifully. MindUp is a free application that offers whimsical customizable thought bubble overlays onto your personal photos. It is full of colorful, quirky bubbles waiting to be filled with interesting, provoking, and funny thoughts that can be selected from our huge and witty thought bank.

Turn an average picture into a window into the soul. Choose from the many mood settings to set the scene for your pictures. From Sad Keanu to Charlie Brown, thought bubbles have always been more than amusing. Easy to use and fun to put together, MindUp will spice up your social network posts in no time. Clean and crisp layouts make for a very easy user experience. Watch the likes pile on as you export to your Camera Roll and share your MindUp creations from there.

Upgrade to the premium version for only $0.99. to get even more selections for bubbles and fun fonts. There are over 20 to choose from. Convey the subtlety of your thoughts with the vast array of options to match every mood.

MindUp Premium includes: over 20 bubble designs to fit every mood, Customizable text selected from a thought bank with funny preset sayings, mood settings, easy to use, exports to your Camera Roll for easing posting on Social Networks, tons of fun font designs, and no obtrusive logo overlay.

MindUp is free with a premium upgrade for $0.99 and will be available April 3rd.

MindUp is the progeny of Oleksii Sydoryn, a bootstraps indie designer who thrives on subverting the normal and polishing the quirky.

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