Text* : Functionality and Fun Punctuation Photo App Launch

[MobilePRwire] – Text* is the single best app for captioning all your favorite photos on your iOS device. Just load your photo, type your caption and place it where it belongs! This application has so many uses, from creating hilarious memes to expressing your love and desires to your significant other. With this app, you are able to share all your favorite photos with your own special flair added to them.


▷Classic Fonts(Alido, Churchill, Clearwater, Fluria, Fondant, Impasto, KingLear, Lollipop, Pomelo, Toplar)
▷Handwriting Fonts(Azure, Drawback, Drawon, Inkstain, Mazel, Perujo, Runon, Smarker, Stickup, Therapy)
▷Comic Fonts(BubbleTalk, ComicShop, ComicText, Greenbee, Kinked, Macadam, McDoogle, SinkHole, SpaceOdyssey, Terrier)
▷Holiday Fonts(Berkhorn, Blackwood, Broomstick, Creepflick, DeadEnd, DickensCarol, Empathy, Presta, Stylodo, Tannenbaum)
▷Creative Fonts(Auritra, BalloonLetters, Barnabus, Carda, Category5, Dragonian, Metalwerks, Mulberry, NorthShore, Whirly)

▷Photo Original Effects (Singe, Vivid, San Carmen, Indiglow, Concorde, Aqua, Starto, Laguns, Ventura, Soft Focus)
▷Photo Grunge Effects (Vigilante, Mohawk, Drifter, Alice, Eddie, Kurt )
▷Photo Nostalgia Effects (Siesta, Cherry, Fixie, Firefly, Malibu, Vogue )
▷Photo Viewfinder Effects (Periscope, Chrono, 24ZX, Mark ll, Reflex, Covert)

▷Easy color for the font
▷Change the font size
▷High resolution
▷Share the images via Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr
▷Send as an email
▷photo editing (Adjust Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Sharpness)
▷Enhance Photos in Seconds
▷Red Eye Remover
▷Blemish Remover

MAKE A was established with the user as their top priority. Everything begins with the letter ‘A’ and Make A hope that their users strive to make something from their goals and desires using useful and creative software developed by Make A.

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