The First Full-Featured Android Gratitude Journal Released

[MobilePRwire] – The first Android gratitude journal with complete functions has been released by the Midnight Troop team. This allows the Android users the convenience to write their gratitude journal any time, any place, so long as they have their smartphones on hands.

The Midnight Troop Team introduces the ‘Moments of Gratitude’ application, the first full-featured gratitude journal application on Android. This application encourages the users to reflect on the good things in their lives, and cultivate gratitude towards them. This simple practice fills the users’ minds with positive energy, and by the Law of Attraction of “like attracts like”, the users can expect to attract more positive things to them.

For years, experts have recommended writing gratitude journals to improve the quality of lives. Such practice effectively allows the practitioners to be conscious of the many positive things around them – the loving family and friends, cheerful experiences, material things they enjoy, and anything else that brings about pleasure. Writing them down not only imprints these wonderful things deeply in the practitioners’ minds, but also helps them to realize the many goodness in their lives – and open up their mind to welcome more of similar goodness.

Not many people have yet known about gratitude journals, but the ‘Moments of Gratitude’ application aims to change this. Understanding the limitations in maintaining paper-based journals, the developer also attempts to improve the experience for those who have started such a habit. This Android application provides the convenience to write the journal any time, any place as the users wish, as long as they have access to their smartphones.

A gratitude journal application is not a new concept in the mobile phone application domain. However, in the Android world, only simplified versions were available. Many essential functions were stripped off in the existing applications, and this shortchanged the users’ experience. The ‘Moments of Gratitude’, on the other hand, is the full-fledged gratitude journal on Android. The complete functionalities it provides will definitely help the users to reap the benefits from practicing gratitude.

Two versions of the ‘Moments of Gratitude’ Journal are available, namely the ‘Lite’ version for the users to try out the application, and the ‘Full’ version. The latter offers the features of image attachment, more spaces for journal entries, advertisement-free interface, and data backup. Such functions ensure that writing a gratitude journal is a breeze, and the users will enjoy it and thus maintain this habit.

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