There is no feeling like outsmarting a really good friend!

[MobilePRwire] – Aphelion is a puzzle game with a twist – you can cheat! But if you cheat this will affect your score on that level and show up on the leaderboards. The goal is to solve all levels using as few moves as possible. Finding a solution is sometimes hard enough and finding the perfect one will give you a real challenge. How far can you push yourself before taking the easy way out and start using hints?

There is no feeling like outsmarting a really good friend!

Today we announce that our latest game, Aphelion, is finally ready to reach a broader audience when it hits App Store for free.

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Aphelion is a puzzle game, but with a twist. The goal is to clear the levels using as few moves as possible and the better you perform the higher you rank on the leaderboards. And we spent a significant amount of time making sure that the most obvious solution is far from the perfect one.

And now for the twist: You can cheat! Each hint you use will get you one step closer to the perfect solution but it will affect your score on that level forever. How far can you push yourself before starting to use hints? This is the key element in this game.

Aphelion consists of 100 levels with leaderboards in 4 categories from “Getting Started” to “Is This Possible?” carefully designed to challenge you harder and harder throughout the game.

Got a score you are really proud of? Send your friends a nice friendly taunt on facebook or twitter challenging them to beat your score just to see them fail.

So whether your attitude is smashing through levels, striving towards perfection or just love seeing your name on the leaderboards, expect a great challenge when Aphelion hits App Store for free on July 11th, 2014.

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