Toppal Act I “Hungry Bird” Game Reaches Top Rank

[MobilePRwire] – LiquidBits, Inc. a 3D Mobile Gaming company today announced that 3 days after its release on Feb 25, 2013, Toppal Act I: “Hungry Bird” made No. 1 game in Taiwan in both family and puzzle categories, and No. 3 spot in family games in China. The app is steadily climbing in ranks in other countries as well.

Toppal Act I: “Hungry Bird” is an arcade-puzzle fusion with a touch of adventure – in 3D! Your mission: Help the bird get safely to its nest, survive a series of obstacles as you build the highest tower without knocking it over. And by the way – don’t forget to feed the hungry bird – for extra bonus and surprises!

Toppal is a reminiscent of Jenga®, the popular wooden blocks physical parlor game. “We realized that it will take more than just replicating the real-world physical game and balancing blocks on top of a tower to make a successful game. In Act I, we stopped at nothing to create a ground breaking innovative experience in 3D featuring unique gameplay, rich graphics, innovative camera moves, save/recall of game states in the cloud and highly expressive characters. (even the bird-food comes to live as 3D ‘humanoid worms’)” says Haggai Goldfarb, LiquidBits’ founder and CEO.

The game is free to download and relies on in-app purchases to unlock all levels, and virtual goods such as “repair blocks” which help keeping the tower from collapsing as you continuously built it higher. Available today on iPad in multiple languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The game will be launching on iPhone soon.

LiquidBits, Inc., a privately held 3D Mobile Gaming company in Cambridge Mass, USA, is the developer of Balancin’ Act games, a suit of social mobile games utilizing high-end 3D physics and multiplayer technology from the creators of DreamWorks’ Kung-Fu Panda. Fully localized to several major languages, these games are broadly appealing, deeply engaging, viscerally satisfying, and easy to play and master. The first game in the series,Toppal Act I: “Hungry Bird” is a must-play app.

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